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Imagine pulling into your driveway and with a push of a button the garage door goes up, the foyer lights go on, and the home entertainment system turns on and goes to your favorite channel..

Custom home theater

We specialize in Custom Home Theater

For the ultimate in comfort and enjoyment, a dedicated home theater is a must. With digital sound and high definition video, you can now experience the sights and sounds of the local theater right in your home.




Smart lighting control

We specialize in one button lighting control

Lighting Control allows you to create the perfect atmosphere in your home. With the touch of a single button, you can select scenes such as "reading," "movie," or "party."



commercial audio/visual

We are the leader in commercial audio/video design & installation

How many times have you seen a presenter in a boardroom struggle to use the audio-visual equipment? It can be hard to stage a successful presentation, with problems caused by outdated or unreliable technical equipment.